Ceremony DJ

The Perfect Day is set, all the planning and coordinating has been completed.  All that you need to worry about now is standing there and not passing out or Walking down the Aisle with Beauty and Grace.  Every guest has been greeted with warm sounds as they await the big event.  The person administering the vows is all set with his wireless mic.  The music is at a perfect level.  Those Precious “I Do’s” will forever be solidified in your memory.  Congratulations…!!  Now the walk back down the aisle as Mr & Mrs.  Warm Music plays thanking everyone for attending.  Now off to the Reception and Pictures for the Bridal Party. Picture Perfect Ceremony..!!

Services Included

  • Wireless Mic(s)
  • Unobtrusive Pro Audio For Crystal Clear Speech
  • Perfectly Selected Music For The Prelude, Processional, Bride’s Entrance, Recessional And Prelude
  • 30 Minute Play Time Prior To The Ceremony To 30 Minutes After Ceremony   (1.5 to 2 hours)
  • Unlimited Consultation (Email, Phone, Text or In Person)
  • Set Up And Breakdown

Wedding Reception DJ

Personality, Entertainment Ability and Attention to Detail is a MUST for any DJ entertaining your Reception. Stylish, but not obtrusive, Attentive, but not overbearing and most of all Attention to Detail. Every venue has it’s own personality, feel confident that I will provide the appropriate amount of Sound & Lighting specific for your venue.  Each event will be walked through numerous times as not to miss any detail (Song List, Names, Schedule, etc.).  I will also act as your Emcee and make introductions and announcements throughout the occasion to ensure smooth transitions for each part of your event. This is your special day, let me help make it STRESS FREE.

Services Included

  • Just The Right Lighting And Sound Levels For Your Event.  I’ll Always Bring A Little Extra.
  • Wireless Microphone(s)
  • Appropriate Music For Each Aspect Of Your Wedding Reception (Cocktail Hour, Dinner And Dancing)
  • Unlimited Consultations (I’m Always Here For You – Email, Phone, Text Or In Person)
  • Set Up And Breakdown


Lighting Options


The lighting for your event is probably one of the most important design elements, and your lighting choices can affect the overall ambiance of your event.  We utilize state of the art lighting for all our events. Wether you are looking for Uplighting, Atmosphere Lighting or Disco Lighting, feel confident that we will find the right package specialized just for you. To look at some of our options click here.

Atmosphere / Up Lighting

UpLighting is a technique used in lighting design to enhance the atmosphere of any given space. It involves placing lighting fixtures on the ground and focusing them upward. This method of lighting is one of the easiest ways to dress up an event space. It can add color to a neutral surface, such as a wall or column. UpLighting can also be used to make the room appear taller by accenting any existing vertical lines, and creating new ones. Another function of UpLighting is to highlight any inherent architectural features of the room such as columns and alcoves. By carefully selecting the placement and focus of our lighting fixtures, we can brighten any room and give it an inviting glow, welcoming your guests inside. If you want your event space to radiate elegance and sophistication, UpLighting is the way to go.

Disco Lighting

Disco Lighting is that lighting that is surrounding the DJ or the Dance Floor during an event.  There are many choices and combinations to choose from. Can or Stage Lighting offers a number of colors to add to the dancing.  Red Blue Green are the most common.  They can operate individually or run together creating a series of dancing lights. Lasers can offer a display of LED Beams dancing on the Floor, Ceiling or Wall.  They are a lot of fun and come in a variety of combination colors as well.  Red & Green are generally the most common

iPod Ceremony or Reception Rental


If you find yourself on a tighter budget and don’t want to go the DJ route or you have an excellent playlist that you created at home.  We carry a simple and easy to use Sound System that easily connects your iPod / Mp3 Player to our Pro Audio Yamaha Sound System.  We have a couple of systems to choose from plus there will be a technician there in case of any hiccups.  We will be there for you on your special day..!!

Services Included

  • (2) Pro Yamaha Speakers with Speaker Stands
  • Professional Easy to Use Mix Board with iPod / Mp3 Connector
  • Wired Microphone
  • Sound Activated Disco Lights
  • Professionally Attired Technician

Party DJ

We have become popular entertaining all sorts of parties.  From Keiki to 50th Wedding Anniversaries, KCK Entertainment is your place to find that professional DJ who is able to entertain all ages.  With our selection of over 50,000 songs, we will put together that playlist that will make your party the event of the year..!!

Services Included

  • (2) 15″ Pro Audio Yamaha Speakers with Speaker Stands
  • Appropriate Disco Lights
  • Professional Mix Board (in case Auntie or Uncle want to plug in and play a special tune)
  • Wired Microphone
  • Customized Music developed specifically for your event
  • Professionally Attired DJ & MC
  • Unlimited Consultations