Grand Entrances at the Reception

Grand Entrances


Have Fun and Keep it Original to fit the Bridal Company

Have Fun and Keep it Original to fit the Bridal Party Couple.  Keep it to 30 Seconds or less. 

I was talking with a Bride the other day prior to her Big Day and a topic that came up was having fun at the introduction of their bridal party.  What were some of my favorite ideas?  So I decided to put my ideas down into this blog about Wedding Reception Introductions.
Every Bridal Party is going to have different personalities and the introductions should fit it.  There was a time where everyone was doing the “Harlem Shake by Bauer.”  It looked good for some, but for others it did not look so good.  If you have a laid back personality, doing something CRAZY and OUTRAGEOUS does not look comfortable.  If the Bridal Parties personality is BIG, then a traditional entrance may not fit as well.

Here were a couple of thoughts that I had for my Brides and Grooms;

~   Bridal Party Introductions should have a different song than the Bride and Groom

~   Have Fun and Fit the Personalities – this is also a way of saying “Thank You” to your party by showing them off

~   There are millions of songs out there, find a couple that fit (Favorite, Past Party Favs, any song that has meaning and relates to your Bridal Party Couple)

~   Keep the songs and introductions of your Bridal Party to 30 seconds or less.  The introductions should spotlight the “Bride & Groom”

~   Don’t be afraid to use props – make it original

All introductions of your Bridal Party should fit the personalities and those of the Bride & Groom.  Have Fun..!!!  This is your special day..!!