How To Hire a Party DJ

IMG_0610Most of us aren’t professional party planners. That’s why it can become stressful to plan a wedding reception, birthday party or anniversary celebration. You handle food, decorations, a DJ, and so much more! Here are some of our favorite tips to help you hire a party DJ:

  • Personality – A party is only fun with friends, right? We think it’s important that the DJ’s personality fit with yours. A good DJ will make your feel comfortable and educate you about the process and choices. It should be a stress-relieving relationship.
  • Entertainment Ability – As with any profession, there are degrees of talent. Meet with your potential DJ and talk about ideas and suggestions. You’ll get a good feel if he or she can put on the right kind of party for your guests.
  • Attention to Detail – A perfect playlist and quality sound systems are required. But what about lighting and dance floor options? Will they setup and teardown … and be on time?

There are no magic questions to ask, so just talk with some options for DJ services and get a feel. Use this list as your guide. We’re always here if you have questions.

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